His Majesty the King, Mohammed VI, King of Morocco has taken possession of two specially signed copies of Louise Brown: My Life As The World’s First Test Tube Baby, published by Bristol Books.


The King sent a special representative to receive the books from Louise while she was on a visit to an international fertility symposium in Marrakech, Morocco, organised by the Marrakech Fertility Institute.

The king has one copy for his home library and one for his official library. The hardback book, which was published in 2015 has sold all over the world. It is popular with those who work in the field of fertility as it chronicles the world-changing birth of Louise to a Bristol couple, John and Lesley Brown in 1978.

This year’s 40th anniversary has prompted renewed interest in the story, which saw scientist Robert Edwards win a Nobel Prize for his work with Patrick Steptoe to create human life in a laboratory. The book chronicles how an ordinary Bristol couple became a world first and the impact on Louise’s life as a result.