Our new book on the building of The Matthew of Bristol will play a major part in an event that brings Bristol history to life at the Tourist Information Centre at E Shed, overlooking St Augustine’s Reach this Saturday (August 19).

Author Clive Burlton will be around at Noon to chat about the book about the replica ship, which is now such a prominent part of Bristol’s historic harbour.

The Matthew of Bristol - Clive Burlton
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It looks like being a fun day for the city’s tourists at the event, which will also include a performance at 11 am by the Long John Silver Trust of an excerpt from Treasure Island. They will be promoting the Treasure Island Trail, which is the setting for the Show of Strength theatre company’s Treasure Island Story Walk, which is on from August 21 to September 3.

At 1pm there will be a World Music Prize Quiz and Q&A with Thomas Brooman, author of my Festival Romance and co-founder of Womad which began life in Bristol.

Then at 2pm Richard Jones of Tangent Books, which publishes of Banksy's Bristol, will be around to answer questions on the enigmatic street artist , including the big question: “Who Is Banksy?” and he will be previewing the Banksy Bristol Tour App.