Louise Brown, my life as the world's first test-tube baby


Louise Brown, my life as the world's first test-tube baby


“There aren’t many people that can say they were world famous within hours of being born” Louise Brown

At 11.47pm on July 25, 1978, Louise Brown was the first person ever to be born through science rather than as the result of two people having sex. The birth was hailed as a “miracle” by the world’s media, making her instantly famous.

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Her birth created shockwaves for the church, politicians and the medical profession. Louise grew up at the centre of the debate about the morality of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) while also being a beacon of hope to millions of childless couples throughout the world.

For the first time Louise tells the story of her world changing birth and its impact on her life.

This First Edition hardback book includes over 30 pages of photographs, many of which have never been published before.

It was made possible through the support of Bourn Hall, Cambridge, the world’s first IVF clinic set up by IVF pioneers Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards.


All copies sold through this website have been exclusively signed by Louise Brown.

ISBN: 9781909446083
Size: 156mm (W) X 234mm (H)
Pages: 240
Published: 01.08.2015