Bristol Books can research, edit, write, design, print and market books. We have a skilled and experienced team who will work to a budget and can offer as much or little assistance as required. We can provide ISBN numbers, assist with distribution and have established relationships with local and online retailers.



We have a proven track record in contract publishing and have produced books on behalf of many local businesses, organisations and individuals. Some of the people we’ve published books for include: Thatchers Cider, Wessex Water, Bristol Cathedral, The Matthew of Bristol and Bristol Museum & Art Gallery (Bristol Culture). If you’d like to find out more information, or would like us to provide you with a quote, please contact clive@bristolbooks.org.



We are always on the look-out for interesting stories and book ideas about people, places and events of significance to Bristol and the surrounding area. If you have written something that you think fits the bill please contact info@bristolbooks.org.

Thatchers: Then & Now - James Russell
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Bristol Books is a thoroughly efficient team! From the research, to authorship on to design, style and pictures to the printing and the finished book. Brilliant!
— Rodney North, The Matthew of Bristol Trust
A HUGE THANK YOU for all the help and time that you’ve given to the book – I’ve just looked
over the final proofs and am happy to give the sign off to let them go to print – hooray!
— Naomi Miller, Development Director, Bristol Cathedral
Many congratulations on the book. I thought it would be good, but it’s better than that. It really is an excellent presentation of the 40 years with just the right mix of personal recollections of the big picture.
— Colin Skellett, Chairman of Wessex Water
A big thank-you for the input and advice received from Clive Burlton and Joe Burt because you have turned this piece of writing into a professional piece of work and I have appreciated being able to learn from you both
— Shirley Hodgson, Author: Bristol's Pauper Children