Wading through the years - Clive Burlton


Wading through the years - Clive Burlton


2014 saw two anniversaries in the life of Wessex Water – 40 years since formation and 25 years since water privatisation. Wading through the years looks back at some of the key events that have helped to shape the organisation in each of its four decades.

1974 saw fundamental changes to the structure of local government and the creation of 10 regional water authorities. The task for Wessex Water was enormous and the DNA created in those early days has been embedded ever since. The organisation has had to deal with drought, floods, snow and ice, privatisation, massive capital investment, increasing environmental and quality standards, tighter regulation, two changes of ownership and breath-taking advances in technology.

As well as anniversaries, 2014 saw the next review of prices and a new Water Bill on the statute book. The pace of change looks set to continue. Perhaps Wessex Water’s biggest challenge is yet to come.

Soft back 21X15cm 128 pages

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ISBN: 9781909446045
Size: 210mm (W) X 148mm (H)
Pages: 128
Published: 01.05.2014