We are always on the look-out for interesting stories and book ideas about people, places and events of significance to Bristol and the surrounding area.  If you have written something that you think fits the bill get in touch and in the first instance we will send you an author’s questionnaire, which will help to determine whether it is a book that fits our aims and will have wide interest. In some cases it may be possible to apply for funding or sponsorship for a book and we may be able to help you source these funds.



We can research, write, design, print and market books. They need to have a connection to Bristol and its people. We can carry out all or any part of that process and we work with authors to achieve the best publication possible.



As well as commissioning our own books we have a proven track record in contract publishing and have produced books on behalf of local businesses. In 2014 we wrote and produced Wading Through The Years for Wessex Water, celebrating its 40th anniversary since it was formed in 1974. In 2015 we published Thatchers: Then & Now, a lavishly produced hardback book tracing the history of Thatchers cider making from 1904 to the present day.


Bristol Books has a skilled and experienced team with a passion for Bristol and we pride ourselves on high publishing standards – investing in quality writing, research and design to ensure all our books are a success. We will work to a budget to project manage the production of a book, including arranging ISBN numbers so that the book goes into the official records and becomes part of our heritage.


Wessex Water: Wading Through the Years

Wessex Water: Wading Through the Years